Tostan’s Reinforcement of Parental Practices

By Aaron Bower
August 15, 2023

Strengthening Families: Tostan’s Reinforcement of Parental Practices Program

At Razeup, we believe in supporting organizations that make a positive impact on families and communities. Today, we want to shine a light on Tostan’s Reinforcement of Parental Practices (RPP) program. This transformative initiative aims to enhance early childhood development and strengthen parent-child interactions. Join us as we explore how Tostan’s RPP program is making a difference in the lives of families.

Empowering Parents for Brighter Futures

Tostan’s RPP program recognizes the crucial role parents play in their child’s development. Launched in 2013, the RPP program builds on Tostan’s foundational Community Empowerment Program (CEP) and provides parents with the tools and knowledge they need to create a nurturing environment for their children. By equipping parents with evidence-based practices, Tostan empowers them to support their child’s mental, emotional, and physical growth.

Addressing Challenges in Early Childhood Development

Advances in neuroscience have shed light on the importance of early childhood development. Tostan’s research revealed that many traditional practices in resource-poor communities may unintentionally hinder cognitive stimulation. The RPP program aims to address these challenges by providing parents with practical techniques to enrich interactions with their young children. By promoting positive parenting practices, Tostan helps children develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Building Stronger Bonds through Engagement

Tostan’s RPP program is designed to engage parents and other family members actively. Through a series of sessions led by trained facilitators, parents learn valuable techniques that enhance their interactions with their children. These techniques include using a rich vocabulary, asking open-ended questions, playfully mirroring behavior, storytelling, and providing detailed object descriptions. By incorporating these practices into daily routines, parents can create meaningful connections and stimulate their child’s cognitive and social development.

Communities Supporting Communities

Tostan’s RPP program goes beyond individual families by fostering a supportive community environment. By implementing the program in various communities, Tostan encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among parents. The program includes training religious leaders, who play a vital role in promoting good parenting practices during community ceremonies and sermons. By mobilizing community resources and support, Tostan ensures that the benefits of the RPP program reach a wider network of families.

Impact and Sustainable Change

The impact of Tostan’s RPP program is far-reaching. By empowering parents with knowledge and practical skills, the program positively influences early childhood development outcomes. Children benefit from improved cognitive, linguistic, and emotional development, which in turn leads to enhanced academic performance and long-term success. The program’s sustainability is ensured through ongoing partnerships and collaboration with organizations like Vroom, allowing Tostan to adapt and expand the program’s reach.


Tostan’s Reinforcement of Parental Practices (RPP) program is transforming the lives of families by empowering parents and promoting positive early childhood development. Through evidence-based techniques and community engagement, Tostan is building stronger bonds between parents and children. The long-term impact of the RPP program will resonate in the academic achievements and overall well-being of children. At Razeup, we applaud Tostan’s commitment to strengthening families and fostering brighter futures through their impactful work.

To learn more about Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program, please click here.

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