Tostan’s Community Development Grants

By Aaron Bower
September 15, 2023

Empowering Communities through Community Development Grants: Tostan’s Catalyst for Sustainable Change


At Razeup, we believe in supporting organizations that empower communities and foster sustainable development. Today, we want to shine a light on Tostan’s remarkable initiative: Community Development Grants. These grants serve as a catalyst for community-led projects and microcredit funds, allowing communities to put their knowledge and skills into action. Join us as we explore Tostan’s Community Development Grants and their transformative impact on communities.

Community Development Grants: Empowering Local Communities

Tostan’s Community Development Grants are small grants provided to Community Management Committees (CMCs). These grants aim to fund community development projects and establish microcredit funds operated by the CMCs. By providing these grants, Tostan empowers community members to implement projects and initiatives that align with their vision for development.

Empowering Communities through Income Generation

Community Development Grants play a crucial role in enabling community members to apply the knowledge gained from Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program. By offering financial support, these grants allow individuals to participate in income-generating activities, providing for their families and investing in their communities. It creates opportunities for economic growth and poverty reduction, particularly for women.

Grant Distribution and Microcredit Funds

Tostan provides the Community Management Committees with small grants typically ranging from $300 to $1,000. The CMCs often utilize these grants to establish rotating microcredit funds. These funds assist community members, especially women, in starting small businesses, investing in agriculture, or engaging in other income-generating activities. The CMCs operate the microcredit funds based on a group-lending, revolving-funds system. The interest generated from loans is reinvested to expand the number of available loans, undertake community projects, or establish a solidarity fund for children’s educational expenses and emergency medical needs.

Community Engagement and Distribution

Community Development Grants are provided directly to the Community Management Committees, who serve as the key facilitators in distributing the funds to the wider community. The CMCs ensure that the grants reach community members who can utilize them to advance their livelihoods and community development goals.

Impact and Sustainability: Driving Change in Communities

Community Development Grants have a profound impact on the communities they support. By providing practical means for project development and income generation, these grants empower communities to drive their own change. They contribute to poverty reduction by expanding economic opportunities, especially for women. Moreover, the revolving nature of microcredit funds ensures their sustainability, allowing future generations to benefit from the initial investment.


Tostan’s Community Development Grants exemplify their commitment to community-led development and sustainable change. By empowering Community Management Committees and individuals with financial resources, Tostan fosters economic growth and community-driven initiatives. At Razeup, we applaud Tostan’s efforts to uplift communities and promote self-reliance through their impactful Community Development Grants.

To learn more about Tostan’s Community Management Committees, please click here.
To learn more about Tostan’s Community Empowerment PRogram (CEP), please click here.

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