Tostan’s Peace and Security Initiatives

By Aaron Bower
August 1, 2023

Strengthening Peace and Security: Tostan’s Transformative Approach

At razeup, our commitment to supporting impactful charities brings us to shed light on Tostan’s remarkable work in Africa. Tostan, a non-profit organization dedicated to community empowerment, goes beyond education and human rights. Their Peace and Security (P&S) module aims to strengthen grassroots strategies for peace and security in the West Africa region. Join us as we explore the transformative power of Tostan’s P&S initiative and its impact on local communities.

Building a Foundation for Peace and Security

Tostan’s P&S module originated from the urgent need to address rising threats of terrorism and violent extremism in West African communities. Responding to the expressed needs of affected communities, Tostan developed an extensive pilot program that eventually evolved into the comprehensive P&S module. This module serves as a framework for nurturing peaceful processes that prevent violence and instability.

Empowering Communities through Collaboration

Tostan recognizes that sustainable peace and security require collaborative efforts at the local, regional, and national levels. Through close collaboration with community leaders, men, women, children, religious figures, and local facilitators, Tostan empowers stakeholders to actively promote peace and human security within their communities.

The Transformative Power of the P&S Module

Delivered by trained local facilitators in local languages, the P&S module comprises 21 sessions. Participants engage in a comprehensive journey of reflection, education, and action. They review their community’s vision, explore human rights frameworks, and challenge social norms contributing to conflict. The importance of dialogue, the role of women in conflict prevention, and effective mediation techniques are explored. Participants develop action plans tailored to their community’s needs, focusing on promoting peace and human security.

To ensure sustainable conflict management, each community establishes a dedicated Peace Commission embedded within their Community Management Committees (CMCs). These Peace Commissions work tirelessly to prevent, manage, and mediate conflicts at various levels, fostering an environment of harmony and resolution. The action plans developed by the Peace Commissions are implemented to effectively address conflicts.

Impact and Expansion

Tostan’s P&S module has made significant strides in communities across Mali, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and The Gambia. Over 362 communities have successfully completed the program, leading to the resolution of over 3,000 local conflicts. By equipping communities with knowledge, skills, and a renewed sense of agency, Tostan’s P&S module empowers individuals to become ambassadors of peace and advocates for human security.


At razeup, we find inspiration in Tostan’s transformative approach to fostering peace and security. Through their Peace and Security module, Tostan demonstrates an unwavering commitment to addressing the complex challenges of violence and instability in West Africa. By engaging communities in transformative learning and equipping them with practical tools, Tostan empowers individuals to play an active role in promoting peace and security. The remarkable achievements of the P&S module showcase the power of community-led initiatives and their positive impact on shaping a brighter future.

To learn more about Tostan and their Peace and Security module, visit their website at Together, let’s support and celebrate organizations like Tostan that are dedicated to creating lasting change and fostering a more peaceful world

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Written by Aaron Bower

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