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The world’s first self-driven fundraising and marketing vehicle for charities, non-profits, and NGOs.

Most non-profits do not have the time, tech, or team to fully optimize their charity with a digital-first transformation.

The solution?

FaaS: Fundraising as a Service.

Fundraising as a Service

A digital transformation platform for charities that consist of…

Marketing as a Service

Our MaaS solution automates all crucial marketing tasks including content creation, ad placement, email marketing, and social media scheduling, relieving charities of the often overwhelming burden of digital marketing. The charity simply provides necessary information and approves all digital assets, and we ensure their effective distribution, marketing, and advertising.

Events as a Service

Our EaaS solution empowers charities to enhance their online and offline fundraising events with the addition of digital contests and auctions, all without any technical complexity. We manage all aspects, from designing and developing an intuitive landing page on your website, to curating engaging content and timely emails, perfectly aligned with your event schedules.

Donations as a Service

This unique segment of razeup’s FaaS platform harnesses the power of big data to expand a charity’s donor base. A proprietary data widget is installed on your charity’s website, tracking visitor and donor activity. This information is then matched with billions of online records to identify ‘look-alike’ donors – individuals who share characteristics with your current donors.

Grants as a Service

A cutting-edge, technology-driven solution within our comprehensive FaaS platform. Our highly skilled grant writers, with over 20 years of combined experience, blend their expertise with advanced AI and automation to secure government and private grants for charities. By leveraging data analysis from your website and social media, we meticulously identify grants that align with your charity’s objectives. 

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