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Unlock Your Charity’s Fundraising Potential with razeup’s FaaS Platform.

Partner with razeup’s comprehensive Fundraising as a Service (FaaS) platform and witness the transformation of your fundraising efforts. Our powerful suite of services, including Marketing as a Service (MaaS), Events as a Service (EaaS), Donors as a Service (DaaS), and Grants as a Service (GaaS), provides an unparalleled advantage. Benefit from AI-powered marketing strategies, seamless event management, expanded donor networks, and expert grant assistance. With razeup, you’ll amplify your reach, engage supporters, secure grants, and accelerate your mission. Join us to embark on a journey where fundraising success knows no limits.

Fundraising as a Service Features


Razeup’s Marketing as a Service (MaaS) in our FaaS platform offers automated, AI-powered marketing solutions for charities. Our MaaS automates content creation, ad placement, email marketing, and social media scheduling, relieving charities of digital marketing burdens. With an always-on approach, our dedicated team ensures uninterrupted campaigns for awareness, engagement, subscription, and donor acquisition. Customized through an AI-assisted onboarding process, our MaaS requires only a few hours per month from charities. Visualize the digital donor journey with our reporting dashboard, tracking awareness, engagement, subscriptions, conversion, excitement, ascension, advocacy, and promotions. Amplify your charity’s digital marketing with Razeup’s MaaS solution, optimizing time and resources.


Enter a new era of fundraising with our comprehensive ‘Fundraising as a Service’ platform, featuring Events as a Service (EaaS). This secure and user-friendly digital framework simplifies fundraising for charities. Our EaaS solution handles it all, from designing a user-friendly landing page to scheduling engaging content and emails aligned with event timelines. Capture your event essence, goals, and branding through an interactive questionnaire, ensuring accurate representation of your charity’s identity. Gain comprehensive analytics and reporting on awareness, engagement, subscription, and donations. Enjoy dedicated project manager support via Slack or email. Experience the efficiency of EaaS within our all-inclusive fundraising solution.


Discover the power of Donations as a Service (DaaS) within our comprehensive ‘Fundraising as a Service’ platform. Utilizing big data, DaaS expands charities’ donor bases by identifying ‘look-alike’ donors who share characteristics with current supporters. Our proprietary data widget tracks visitor and donor activity on your website, matching it with billions of online records. Rest assured, data compliance and security are handled by our tech and security team, ensuring privacy. While DaaS doesn’t integrate with CRM systems currently, it enriches advertising platforms on the backend. Future versions will enhance donor engagement features. Broaden your donor base securely and efficiently with DaaS.


Within our Grants as a Service (GaaS) offering, we utilize powerful AI and automation to match your charity with potential grants. Our skilled grant writers specialize in securing government and private grants for charities. Through a streamlined process, we gather insights from your website, social media, and supplemental documents. Leveraging our extensive database of grants, continuously updated by our team, we ensure precise alignment for your charity. Embrace the power of Grants as a Service to unlock successful grant acquisition and fuel your charity’s mission.


Monthly pricing breakdown of our individual FaaS services.

Google Ad Grant

$1,000 USD/month*

Google Ads Grant Registration Support

Charity Onboarding
and Campaign Planning

Campaign Creation
And Management

Ad Group

Keyword Research
and Management

*Minimum 6 months commitment


$2,500 USD/month


24/7 Campaigns

Content Creation

Measurable Results


$2,500 USD/month + event costs

Streamlined Event Enhancement
(Offline or Online)

Hassle-Free Recurring
Event Donations

Engaging Event Content

Digital Event
Donor Activation


$7,500 USD/month + 3% of donation

Donor Tracking Technology
and Retargeting

Donor Network

Donor Identification

Donor Engagement

Fundraising Potential

Donation Platform


$2,500 USD/month + 5 % of grant management

Grant Matching

Expert Grant
Proposal Writing

Compliance with
Grant Requirements

Guided Funding to
Drive Your Mission

Complete Comprehensive Package

Get our complete FaaS platform for $10,000/month.

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