Our Team

The razeup organization is led by 4 dedicated charity captains. As our list of charities grows with our Fundraising as a Service platform, we look forward to serving you with our Canadian-based and international teams.

Bill Bayles, FOUNDER

Bill is a social entrepreneur and strategist who chooses to live every day with courage.

Bill works to see things differently, relentlessly moving towards the future and mentoring those around him while learning from those who have gone before. It’s through an innovative and audacious spirit that he has committed his life’s work to the expansion of empathy and the service of others.

Karen Pohlmann, FINANCE

Karen is a Financial Director with expertise in the field of reporting, forecasting, accounting, compliance, and corporate finance. Strong reporting and analytical skills and strong attention to detail.

Fraser Hardy, TECHNOLOGY

Fraser designing, building, strategizing and consulting on web projects since 1998, bringing a broad range of experience in graphic design, application development, database administration, seo, wordpress and web site direction consultation.

Fraser also love to see people win! One of his passions is to help others succeed not only in business, but in other areas of life including time and money management, improving relationships and spirituality.

Aaron Bower, MARKETING

Aaron is a seasoned digital marketing and advertising specialist with over a decade of experience working with numerous medium to large-size organizations. Frustrated by the prevailing notion of “Marketers Ruin Everything,” he has embarked on a lifelong mission to support and uplift organizations that are truly making a positive impact on the world.

Fundraising as a Service

An 18-month digital transformation platform for charities that consist of

Marketing as a Service

Is always on, automated, and AI-powered.

Donations as a Service

Provides your charity with data-enriched audience tracking and look-a-like donor retargeting.

Events as a Service

Provides engaging and fun turn-key digital social engagement.

Grants as a Service

Helps to unlock vital funding by crafting compelling proposals, fueling your impact and program sustainability.

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